Ino Zeljak


Night Blossom is a series of urban landscapes taken during night time in Zagreb, Croatia…I was lured by these scenes with atmosphere and all I did was trying to capture those scenes as I experienced them…
// Ino Zeljak rođen je u Zagrebu 1987. godine. Nakon završene XIII. prirodoslovno -matematičke gimnazije upisuje i završava…




Gmbh presents itself as a virtual machine, put into work by a team of several engineers, photographers and designers. The team gathered around the idea of creating a photographic camera intheir own production andunder their own parameters. The camera itself is at the initial stage of testing and what you are looking at are some of its…


Frane Rogić

ŽITNJAK, TODAY, 2014, 2015

Every day Žitnjak, today, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The former elementary school now hosts artists’ studios. One ride home on the bus; it’s November; bursting sunset reflected on the bus windows. First photos, first likes on the social network for photos that I don’t even know if I would like.


Boris Greiner


– I have your number. I’ll call you but it sure won’t be done before two.
– In two hours or at two o’clock?
– At, at two.
At exactly 9 a.m. I go out of Barbić’s – the car mechanic’s shop. This wasn’t what I had expected. Maybe half an hour…an hour at the most…


Luko Piplica


Maja Sofija is the title of the work made in 1977. I spent that time in Konvale studyingthe unusual cypresses with irregular growths, possibly causedby the radiation of underground cavities and watercourses. Their robust growth wasn’t of much help; the growths seemed older and more vital than the trees themselves…


Ana Mihalić


In addition to capturing the photos of the everyday life of a Nigerian asylum-seeker in Croatia, Prince Wale Soniyiki, I also took notes of our conversations about his childhood memories and life in Africa that he was forced to hastily leave behind. In my work, I point out how big experiential, national, cultural, social, gender and imaginative differences…


Ivona Vlašić


In late 2013 and early 2014, the Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik published three beautiful books of artists: SlavenTolj’s “Citius. Altius. Fortius”, Ivana Dražić Selmani’s “Na Dančama” and Ivona Vlašić’s “Horizonti”. This was my first encounter with Ivona’s photo-collages which impressed me a great deal, considering I’m from Dubrovnik myself…


Ana Horvat


I started working with camera obscura just three months ago, when I was ‘infected’ by a camera obscura enthusiast Tina Bele. The approach is quite different than in (digital) photography, the medium in which I usually work. The process is slow, it requires patience when you’re setting up the frame and developing negatives…


Marina Paulenka


The Croatian Law on the execution of prison sentence states that photographing or filming prisoners is only allowed without disclosing their identity. Considering that the historic and reductive forensic portraits depicted all but the individual’s criminal identity, through my photography, capturing the scenes of women’s rooms, dormitories, cells…


Neven Petrović


I approach my hometown as a living spacebased on my own experiences. However, I map the city’s everyday life being aware of my personal long-term displacement from the city. In doing so, I’m omitting personal biographical (memory) connections to the sites that bear witness to the spatial transformations.