Ana Horvat

Ana Horvat was born in 1977. She studied at the Art Education Department, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she graduated in 2003, in the sculptural class of Professor M. Vuco. She works in the medium of sculpture, video, installations, and lately, she’s been mostly preoccupied with working in the field of animated film and photography. She had several solo and group exhibitions. She’s a member of the Croatian Freelance Artists' Association and the Croatian Association of Visual Artists.

Camera obscura – Ana Horvat

I started working with camera obscura just three months ago, when I was ‘infected’ by a camera obscura enthusiast Tina Bele. The approach is quite different than in (digital) photography, the medium in which I usually work.
The process is slow, it requires patience when you’re setting up the frame and developing negatives; so far, the result has been ambiguous every time because I am just a beginner.These are the results of an amateur soaking of photo paper in the bathroom, but I’m looking forward to finding ways of using the specificities of the medium as its advantages, and not disadvantages. The return to the material process is important to me because in other activities I use the digital media. We’ll see where this will take me.