Ino Zeljak

Ino Zeljak was born in Zagreb, in 1987. After finishing the XIII. Gymnasium with a concentration in science, he enrolled in the undergraduate program in Biology and earned a B.A. degree in Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb. In 2010, simultaneously with completing his studies at the Faculty of Science, he enrolled in the undergraduate program at the Academy of Dramatic Art, Department of Cinematography. After earning a B.A. degree in Cinematography, he enrolled in the M.A. program in Photography. He is currently on his 2nd year of his graduate studies.

Night Blossom – Ino Zeljak


Night Blossom is a series of urban landscapes taken during night time in Zagreb, Croatia…I was lured by these scenes with atmosphere and all I did was trying to capture those scenes as I experienced them…   /   Behance   /   Facebook

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