Neven Petrović

Neven Petrović was born in Požega, in 1982.
He completed his BA studies in Cinematography at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, and MA studies in Photography at the same Academy.
He had solo exhibitions at the Gallery Ciraki in Požega, Cultural and Information Centre in Zagreb (2007), SC Gallery in Zagreb and at the City Museum Požega (2014).
He exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. His series of photographs have been included in the permanent collection of the Zagreb City Museum and the Museum of Arts and Crafts.
He lives and works in Zagreb.

Coulisse – Neven Petrović

I approach my hometown as a living spacebased on my own experiences. However, I map the city’s everyday life being aware of my personal long-term displacement from the city. In doing so, I’m omitting personal biographical (memory) connections to the sites that bear witness to the spatial transformations. The most obvious changes in the morphology of the area are visible on the periphery, as a consequence of the development of the post-industrial city and the consumer society (gas stations, car washes, shopping centers), which are also, usingAugé’s term, examples of non-places. In addition to the periphery, Požega’s center is also included within the series. The architecture and space are treated as focal points of social relations and functions, leading to the inevitable comparison of the spatial boundaries between the public and the private spaces. All actions documented within this series were partially expected or planned.

The common element of all photographs within this series is a natural landmark, i.e. a spatial marker – the Požega Mountain. Its visual appearance plays the role of a background leitmotiv – as a coulisse; it cartographically contextualizes, or identifiesthe generic architecture of the non-place from the periphery.

Razgovor Marka Ercegovića sa Nevenom Petrovićem