Peter Rauch’s Editing Objects in Gallery Bužančić

The exhibition entitled Editing Objects showcases different sections of the recent body of work of Ljubljana-based photographer and artist Peter Rauch. It displays one of the chapters from his diverse and process-based practice where, in his highly distinctive manner, he focuses on marginal but still very ordinary places and scenes of everyday life. The exhibition opens on Monday, 20th January at 7 pm in Gallery Bužančić.





In his long-term conceptual exploration of objects through photography, installation and theory he is attracted by the visual sensation of man-made structures and traces of human presence in nature. Despite their ordinariness (or because of it) his motifs are often marked by a sense of anxiety and alienation. The artist does not wish to articulate these photographs, the result of either planned spatial interventions or fortuitously recorded situations, in narrative, rather consigns them to the ambiguity of visual language. Yet from the photographs and from the other found or made objects, combined into various arrangements, he makes spatial interventions.





In the beginning there were 15, 17, Some, More Objects; and thereafter he started to structure them. The first chapter of this structure, Die Umwelt, included photographs taken on the way and along the way that without any conscious attempt at mapping accompany the happenstance appearance of the photographer in the space and fulfil his desire for documentation. This was followed by the chapters, entitled Off, Constructions and Substitute Object where the artist explored the possibilities and mistakes in the construction of objects. There is a world that is being recorded by the photographer and the world in(side) which the photographer is situated, in the middle of some outside. However, in this encounter there is a trap into which he promptly falls: the outside world is always only the vibration on the membrane of the encounter with the inside, i.e. the vibration of perceptions, notions and thoughts. The structure of this series of objects includes this turning point. The environment does not represent the external but rather a relationship between the one who looks and what is being looked at. Therefore, this environment is not the environment of the spectator – he/she is (for now) completely excluded from the world of the psychotic creator. Instead, it represents the environment of the creator and of that which vibrates on its membrane. Through different chapters the artist thus explores this vibration on the level of notion, formation, reflection, desire and enjoyment. Editing Objects is therefore the latest step in this complex and ever changing process.






Peter Rauch (1978) is an architect, photographer and PhD candidate in philosophy and theoretical psychoanalysis. He works as an independent artist and teacher of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and at the Higher School of Applied Sciences (VIST) in Ljubljana. In photography he is interested in the relationship between the things that photography can document, as well as with the things that it can constitute. In theory he is interested in the phenomenon of thinking, the meaning of negation in the constitution of object and the question of permeation in the fields of art, science and politics. His key pieces to date are Objects (2010-2015), Third Place (2014), Community (2012-2013), Images, Stories, Sequences (2011) and Traffic Kids (2009). He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The exhibition will be on view until March 8 th 2017.