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Office for Photography (Ured za fotografiju or UzF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Zagreb, founded in 2011. Its work is aimed at the research, development, promotion and contextualisation of innovative artistic practices in the fields of photography and new media, as well as the practices which encourage and nurture positive social changes and inclusion. The programs that UzF endorses rely on scientific research and artistic work, while thematically and content-wise following current issues in the fields of photography and the new media, the avant-garde artistic practices and the theory of art and philosophy. UzF’s purpose is to raise the general literacy in common photographic expressions, to promote and contextualise photographic and new-media art works, the production of new artistic realisations, the creation of new knowledge, the production of art works, and the systematic development of photography theory.

The programs and activities run by us were developed according to the values of UzF, which are the autonomous, critical, reflexive and proactive action through openness, innovation and creativity in our work and deliberation in the service of valorisation, (re)interpretation, and the protection of cultural and artistic photography inheritance.

The Office’s mission is to develop the production and distribution of artistic works and projects, and scientific research and participation programs in the fields of modern culture and art in order to present, contextualise and develop photography and new-media theory. Our mission is “the battle for forward, innovative ideas, new understandings and the research spirit within the domain of photography.” (SPOT, Nr 1, 1972)


Office for Photography’s members are:

Sandra Križić Roban
Lana Lovrenčić
Nika Petković
Ena Grabar


Office for Photography’s primary activities include:


  • The web portal Contemporary Croatian Photography collects authors and works from the field of avant-garde, conceptual and modern art photography, and publises interviews and reviews. The portal was launched in 2009 by Ana Opalić and Gabrijela Ivanov, who served as its administrators through the organisation K-ZONA until 2013, when the administration and maintenance of the portal was taken over by Office for Photography.


  • The Spot Gallery (in Čanićeva Street 6, Zagreb) has been active since 2015. It’s program includes individual and smaller group exhibitions, lectures, reading groups, talks and discussions on photography. The council of the  Spot gallery annually decides upon the exhibition program based on open calls for submissions and interviews with the artists. All the news concerning the gallery’s program can be followed here and the photo documentation of past exhibitions going back to 2018 can be viewed here.


  • Office for Photography has published several photography books and monographs and in 2019 launched semi-annual magazine Fototxt. All our editions are bilingual (Croatian/English). More information on particular editions can be found on this link.


Office for Photography’s work is supported by the Kultura nova Foundation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, the City of Zagreb, the Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Government of the Republic of Croatia and Creative Europe, a program of the European Union. Individual exhibitions and publishing programs were financially endorsed by The Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Pro Helvetia, Kontakt, Art Collection – Erste Group / ERSTE Foundation, and ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen.













Office for Photography
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