Ana Opalić


2010 – 2013 // From 2010 to 2013, I worked as a cinematographer on the project “Personal Memories on War and Other Forms of Political Violence”, initiated by Documenta, Zagreb. The goal of the project was to collect five hundred video testimonies of people who came into direct contact with war. Traveling through Croatia, I had the privilege to meet people who were willing to share with us their tragic stories, to enter their homes and gain their trust in order to allow me to photograph them. What deeply touched me were their homes, as shelters and places of belonging – too often modestly or sparingly decorated – which also told a story about some other times and difficult circumstances. During wartime, home as a safe space and a place of belonging becomes a source of suffering and even death, because people do not want to leave their land, cannot believe that they really have to leave it or, simply, have nowhere else to go. Therefore, seemingly insignificant and worn-out objects become significant props in someone’s destiny.

Places that are waiting

2014 – 2015 // The series of photographs “Places that are waiting” is a work in progress. It examines the effects of the expansion of tourism on the landscape and the culture of living at the Croatian coast

Bathers at Danače

2008 – 2014 // The series of photographs “Bathers at Danače” is a work in progress. It captures the dynamics and the scenery of the perhaps last bathing place in Dubrovnik where the tradition of socializing of the local population is still being preserved.