Marko Ercegović

True Nature

A series of photographs taken from 2010 to 2013. At the parking lot for INA employees, for visitors of Zagreb Fair or Lake Bundek, I took photos of four trees. At this neglected space, there are three poplar trees and one apple tree. In a photographic sense, I explore my relationship to the photographed scene. For me, this big filed in Novi Zagreb represents the space of exploration of that relationship. There, I have the freedom of movement: I can shoot from wherever and whenever I want. The trees are always there which enables me to work in a calm and slow manner, to repeat and return to the same spot and correct my mistakes. The biggest mistake one can make in photography is being insincere towards one’s subject: the impossibility to establish – if onlyfor a moment of shutter release – an unburdened and clear relationship with the trees. The true nature of photography is friendship. I often come to this place; I feel good here. I first observe it from a distance, and then I approach it; I mostly just stand there, and sometimes I take photos. I shoot without haste, when I am on my way home or to the city. The trees stand there as if someone forgot to cut them down. When I shoot, I feel that every photograph is important, that none can be discarded.

Personal Vehicle

Pie in the Sky

This work humorously separates, or at least identifies, the material and the spiritual dimension. That is, it expresses that there is no specific way to capture the elusive.