Project Common Photographic Narratives gathers organisations and institutions in order to organise long term activities dedicated to photography in the 20th century, which is understood as a medium that is directly connected to the development of modern society. Platform members, including Office for Photography, are: Tomislav Gotovac Institute (Zagreb), Creative Cluster Kombinat (Rijeka), AK Gallery (Koprivnica), The Museum of Fine Arts (Osijek), City Gallery Striegl (Sisak),  City Museum of Križevci (Križevci) and independent researcher Ante Orlović (Zadar). The platform conducts research, educational activities, exhibitions and writes about the history of Croatian photography by examining the print media that featured visual and textual articles on culture, industry, tourism and other topics. The main aim of the project is to raise the level of knowledge about society and ways of interpreting everyday life using photography, to interpret the role of photography in propaganda, and to get a better understanding of the visual tools that photographers used in a milieu that was traditionally more oriented towards fine arts. The project is founded by Kultura Nova Foundation. 

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