Bojan Mrđenović

Edition F11, Office for Photography

croatian / english


Vesna Vuković

Executive Editor
Sandra Križić Roban

Translation to English
Duško Pijuko

Language Editor
Dunja Aleraj Lončarić

Design and Lay Out
Ivana Vučić, Hamper Studio


Print Run: 165
43 illustrations (color)
72 pages
145 x 205 mm
Hard covers

Printed in Croatia, June 2016.
ISBN 978-953-58679-1-3 // CIP 000937311


Price: 20 €

Bojan Mrđenović, as we have also pointed out, takes on an active position, the position of the observer. He is not interested in giving us an embellished image of reality, but aims to provide a certain kind of knowledge. As in his other work, an observational method is employed with which the photographer, not unlike an ethnographer, carefully records what he sees,here being the life at the spa. During the process he is not focusing on the hidden and does not allow himself to be side-tracked by idiosyncrasies or details, but rather discovers that which is typical and mundane. We could say that the artist uses ethnography, not psychology, as the method by which he will construct an “expanded portrait” or the portrait of a society.

Bojan Mrđenović is born in 1987 in Virovitica. He holds a bachelor’s degree in art history and information science at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb (2011) and a bachelor’s degree atDepartment of Cinematography, Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb (2012).He’s using the medium of photography for capturing and making analytical examination of the social reality.

Vesna Vuković is a curator and researcher in the field of socially engaged art. She is a member of the curatorial collective BLOK and translator. She writes and publishes in professional journals both at home and abroad, and is the editor of several publications in the field of contemporary art.

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