Stephanie Kiwitt in Spot Gallery

Spot Gallery and Office for Photography announce the opening of an exhibition Máj/My by German artist Stephanie Kiwitt.

The exhibition opening will be held on Wednesday, 3 July at 7 pm.



German artist Stephanie Kiwitt’s photo series Máj/My is a kind of play on words: “Máj” means the month of May in Czech, while “My” has a double connotation, one in English and one in Czech signifying “we”. The notion of this B&W series – based on a long term observation of traces that indicate the transitional processes in the public space in the Prague, is embedded in between the month that we associate not only with spring, but workers’ rights and the pronoun that signifies possession.

The transitional processes incited more than a little trepidation in people from Eastern European countries; however, even earlier periods had been marked by that feeling, but according to Renata Salecl, these “anxieties that very much pertain to contemporary society are linked to the new feelings of insecurity on which contemporary capitalism capitalizes itself”. Stephanie Kiwitt’s research led her into “precarious terrain” whose instability originates from the idiosyncrasies of the commercial market and material production that circumscribe the quality of life. In an exhibition layout, her B&W photographs shape a narrative where each individual subject acts from a place of personal isolation, leaving the social aspect invisible.


Stephanie Kiwitt was born in 1972 in Bonn and is based in Brussels. She studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and ITF in Opava, Czech Republic. The point of departure of her artwork is the photographic observation of places that represent a steady commercialization of public space and everyday spheres of life. 



Exhibition opening:
Wednesday, 3 July at 7 pm

Artist talk with Stephanie Kiwitt:
Thursday, 4 July at 6 pm


The exhibition will remain open until 19 July and will be reopened in the last week of August (26 – 30 August).

Opening hours of Spot Gallery:
Mon – Fri / 4 – 8 pm



The exhibition is supported by Goethe-Institut Kroatien, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen – IfA, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia and Zagreb City Office.


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