Benjamin Verhoeven – Un homme qui marche (sans tête)


26.2. – 16. 3. 2018.


photo: Tjaša Kalkan


Since 2014, the Belgian artist Benjamin Verhoeven has been working on a research project SCANNING CINEMA. The focus of the project lies in the physical process of scanning moving images – thousands upon thousands of individual frames – by using a flatbed scanner and monitor, after which the new material is animated again through stop motion. It is through this photo-reanimation (‘resurrection’) of the moving image that Benjamin’s inversions in the production method give birth to a new language which does not leave the impression of a clearly articulated language, but rather, as its disturbing echo…

Benjamin Verhoeven (1990, Malle, Belgium) is a visual artist of a younger generation who mostly works with media installations and video. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent ( KASK – Hogeschool), then at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK), also in Ghent. He currently lives and works in Brussels. He lived and worked in Leipzig, Paris and Brussels. Since 2011, he has been exhibiting his works at individual and collective exhibitions both in Belgium and abroad.


Curator: Marko Stamenković



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