“Expanded Photography” at Spot Gallery

Spot Gallery and Office for Photography announce the opening of an exhibition Expanded Photography

The exhibition opening will be held on Monday, 23 April at 7 pm.


Željko Borčić: Action for confrontational reaction, 1974

The exhibition Expanded Photography is part of the international project Forgotten Heritage – European Avant-garde Art Online, an initiative devoted to avant-garde art from those European countries which – artistically and often also politically and/or geographically – are situated in the margins of the continent. It is pursued with the aim of (re)discovering and (re)interpreting practices that have remained largely overlooked so far in the official international histories of avant-garde art. The core component of the project is an online European art database, available at The database comprises content originating from artists’ private archives and institutional collections in Poland, Croatia, Estonia and Belgium, gathered throughout several years of research conducted by teams based in Arton Foundation (Warsaw), Kumu Art Museum (Tallinn), LUCA School of Art (Bruxelles) and Office for Photography (Zagreb).

The exhibition will be presented in three successive segments. The first thematic segment (April 23 – May 4) of the exhibition deals with the forms of social actions through works by graphic designer Željko Borčić (1942 – 2015) whose art production during 1970s and 1980s was focused on medium of photography and video; conceptual artist Željko Jerman (1949 – 2006) who actively participated with his elementary and bare photographs in public space; and artist Edita Schubert (1947 – 2001) who in the 1970s used the method of appropriation, created “inconsequential” images and photo-documented the non-representational procedures realized beforehand in the medium of painting.

Basic structures of photography and film, and their inter-relationship in the context of time and movement, is the topic of the exhibition’s second segment (May 7-18), when works by Tomislav Gotovac (1937 – 2010), Marijan Molnar (1951) and Ivan Faktor (1953) will be presented. The third segment (May 7-18) presents the works of Petar Dabac (1942), Enes Midžić (1946) and Vlado Martek (1951), who have focused their artistic deliberations on the medium of photography itself.

The exhibition Expanded Photography is curated by Sandra Križić Roban, Lana Lovrenčić and Jelena Pašić from Office for Photography. The exhibition is part of the international project Forgotten Heritage – European avant-garde art online, carried out with the support of Creative Europe programme. The project is financially supported by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb and Office for Cooperation with NGOs of the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

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