Petar Vranjković- Ich vermisse dich / Das sind alles meine Freuden

16. 3. – 3. 4. 2020.



Foto: Luka Radek


From the exhibition preface, written by Ana Bedenko:

“Petar Vranjković’s artistic work is intermedial in character; strung between photography, graphic design, designing and conceptual art, with the archive as his organisational and thematic linchpin. The personal archive he constructs is part of an intimate delving into his own history, the painting of an emotional and psychological family anamnesis of sorts and the creation of a new historiography out of the fragments of his family archive. The author stresses the intimacy of the revelation. He weaves his work around this topic, forming a flexible system whose structure rests on emotional relationships, but also on his systematic, patient and thorough research and archivistic efforts.

At the heart of the exhibition there are only two elements – a photograph of the artist’s mother and a quote taken from her journal. The way the exhibition space has been cleared takes a step back from the oversaturation that archive topoi are so often accused of. All the elements can be analysed through the microscope that is the deep submergence in one’s own family history, the history of the region the author hales from and which he leaves behind (Osijek), thus in a way feeding into the cycle of his mother’s confessional practice. His mother’s words float through the space. Originally written in Croatian, Vranjković has translated them into German, and by doing so hinting at the latent bonds to his birth place’s history, as well as taking a step back from his mother’s writing – which in the altered framework becomes open to new interpretation. The translation happens on two levels: literally, through linguistic tools, and through the re-contextualisation of the statements. The quotes also include the artist’s brother – the two of them being their mother’s two joys in life. We as the audience “read” the mother, but also “read” the author himself reading the mother, for he is the one who chooses and extracts the exhibited text fragments”.

Petar Vranjković (born 1997) is a young transmedia artist, who uses objects from (family) archives, photography, graphics and design in his creative process. Vranjković is a third-year student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, at the Department of Graphic Arts. He exhibited at several group and solo exhibitions both in Croatia and abroad.

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