Expanded Photography: Segment 3


21. 05. – 01. 06. 2018.


foto: Maša Bajc


The exhibition Expanded Photography is part of the international project Forgotten Heritage – European Avant-garde Art Online.

The third segment (May 7-18) presented the works of authors who have focused their artistic deliberations on the medium of photography itself. Based on analysing the properties of photography, its dermis and epidermis, and the features of reproducibility and uniqueness, works are created which confuse, tease and/or invite the observer to engage in an interaction. Petar Dabac explores the possibilities of deconstructing and (re)constructing a photographic image by intervening in the photographic material, playing with spatializing photography and testing the limits of the medium. Enes Midžić’s works are created along similar lines. He explores movement in the image, as well as the possibility to move the image itself, transforming two-dimensional photographs into ludic three-dimensional objects. Deconstructing the photographic image and the very possibilities of a photograph to act as a document and an art work, are also the issues explored by Vlado Martek. The artist physically intervenes in the photographs from “a family album”, cuts and collages them, often in combination with linguistic elements in order to uncover mental and material presupposition that condition the creation of a photograph – i.e. in order to prepare for photography.



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